Service Agreement Review

The work conducted by Melissa B. Brisman, Esq., LLC is not limited to gestational carrier arrangements. The law firm is frequently retained to draft ovum, sperm and embryo donor agreements for intended parents. In addition, intended parents often request to have the Service Agreement that they are signing with the Ovum Donor Agency reviewed and modified.  Our legal team will review those documents for you and make changes as needed to make sure your Service Agreement is a document you should be comfortable signing.

The firm can assist recipients by referring them to various ovum donor agencies so that the recipients can locate an ovum donor. Once recipients have selected an ovum donor and are ready to retain the donor agency, the law firm can both review the agreement between the intended parents and the agency, and draft and negotiate the ovum donor agreement between the intended parents and their ovum donor. Similar contracts are drafted for embryo donors and sperm donors.

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