Melissa Brisman In The News

July 2015

Melissa Francis Has A New Addition To Her Family

(See announcement at minute 2:17) Fox News July 30, 2015 We are so happy to have helped this wonderful couple, Melissa Francis and Wray Thorn, have a baby!

May 2015

Bill to End Confusion Over Rights of Parents and Birth Surrogates Awaits Final Action May 19, 2015 Legislation that would end confusion over the rights of parents and surrogates who carry their child awaits action from Governor Christie, but it’s the same bill he vetoed in 2012. Melissa [...]

Surrogacy Attorney Melissa Brisman discusses babies rescued from the Nepal Earthquake being sent to gay Israeli families

US army wives: the most sought-after surrogates in the world

US army wives: the most sought-after surrogates in the world By Sally Howard May 7, 2015 The surrogacy business is now booming, and especially in America, where many surrogates are from army families. But [...]

An introduction to US Surrogacy

April 2015

Sofia Vergara’s Frozen Embryo Fight: What’s the Harm in Keeping Them?

Sofia Vergara's ex-fiancé, Nick Loeb, is suing to stop the destruction of two frozen embryos the couple created while engaged, according to paperwork recently revealed by In Touch. Whether Loeb will get to keep the [...]

March 2015

Single straight men turn to IVF to start families March 17, 2015 By Kate Aquillano A growing number of single straight men are reportedly turning to IVF and surrogates to become fathers. In the wake of the recent Dolce & Gabbana controversy, in [...]