Health insurance involves questions that only an experienced attorney can answer.

1. Does your gestational carrier’s insurance cover a gestational carrier pregnancy?

2. Whose insurance, if any, is responsible for paying the cost of the IVF cycle?

3. What medical costs are covered when an ovum or sperm donor is utilized? Whose insurance will cover these costs?

4. Can a gestational carrier or the intended parents purchase insurance through their job, the free market, or their spouse’s job, to cover some or all of these procedures?

5. What do you do when an insurance carrier denies coverage? Is it worth fighting?

The law firm will help you answer these and many other questions. Melissa has argued and won numerous infertility related insurance appeals and continually lectures to doctors, infertility clinics and medical specialists throughout the country.

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Each Journey to Parenthood is Unique!

Learn about Melissa Brisman's family building experiences, featured in The Pennsylvania Gazette.
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