Grazia Inchiesta

Grazia Inchiesta August 3, 2015 By Maria Teresa Cometto C ’è un garbuglio giuridico lungo la strada di una coppia sterile che cerca di diventare una famiglia con figli. Ed è quello che riguarda la maternità surrogata, cioè il ricorso a un cosiddetto “utero in affitto”, una pratica ancora vietata in Italia. Anche se qualcosa [...]

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Bill to End Confusion Over Rights of Parents and Birth Surrogates Awaits Final Action

wobm.com May 19, 2015 Legislation that would end confusion over the rights of parents and surrogates who carry their child awaits action from Governor Christie, but it’s the same bill he vetoed in 2012. Melissa Brisman, a reproductive lawyer in Montvale, New Jersey, is on a committee that helped write the original proposal, the “New [...]

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Surrogacy Attorney Melissa Brisman discusses babies rescued from the Nepal Earthquake being sent to gay Israeli families

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US army wives: the most sought-after surrogates in the world

US army wives: the most sought-after surrogates in the world By Sally Howard elegraph.co.uk May 7, 2015 The surrogacy business is now booming, and especially in America, where many surrogates are from army families. But it’s a job that has emotional and physical repercussions In January Devon Cravener, 37, gave birth for the sixth time. [...]

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An introduction to US Surrogacy

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Sofia Vergara’s Frozen Embryo Fight: What’s the Harm in Keeping Them?

Sofia Vergara's ex-fiancé, Nick Loeb, is suing to stop the destruction of two frozen embryos the couple created while engaged, according to paperwork recently revealed by In Touch. Whether Loeb will get to keep the frozen human embryos is unclear, but the dispute highlights one of the most controversial areas of reproductive technology. Vergara, who [...]

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Bachelors Turn To Surrogates When Biological Clocks Start Ticking

Today.com March 17, 2015 Susan Donaldson James TODAY Contributor Dr. Conrad Cean was nearing 40 when he felt his biological clock ticking — with no special someone to help him start a family. So he did something that’s only recently become an option for single men: He turned to IVF and a surrogate halfway around [...]

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  • Did you catch my BIG announcement on The Kelly File last night? Here's your chance!

    Posted by Melissa Francis on Friday, May 8, 2015

The Kelly File

Happy to be helping this wonderful couple have a baby through a surrogate Melissa Francis, co-host of Fox News Channel's talk and news commentary program After the Bell and her husband Wray Thorn.

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How To Get Pregnant With a Racquetball The DIY crowd is revolutionizing artificial insemination

NewRepublic.com December 11, 2014 How To Get Pregnant With a Racquetball The DIY crowd is revolutionizing artificial insemination by Allison Yarrow When Nellie Mead and Teresa Espinosa conceived their daughter, they did it without sex, a fertility clinic, or medical supervision. Instead, Espinosa injected a friend’s sperm into a menstrual cup she bought at a [...]

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Melissa Brisman on the Marilu Henner Show

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